Limited SupplyMean Cat FX Studio 4K
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Mean Cat Products

Limited Supply
Mean Cat FX Studio 4K


Mean Cat FX Studio


This is the Mean Cat FX Studio™ an all-in-one virtual production package capable of 4K resolution. This package comes stocked with a virtual camera, real-time compositing tools, precise lens calibrations, and frame rate synchronization, all with the freedom and portability of markerless positional-tracking.


ProRes Recording


Included in the package, the Shogun external recorder, allowing for professional virtual camera capture supporting industry standard RAW and 4k HDR, easily integrated into your workflow. Record directly to affordable SSD drives in 4k ProRes. Record up to four HD-SDI streams including main camera, depth matte, CG pass and real-time composite.


Mean Cat FX Studio™ One Year Full Support

Every Mean Cat FX Studio Station comes with 1 year of online support and software updates.

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Product Detail

Details to know

Software Package

  • Dynamic Camera and Lens Calibration for Live Compositing and Virtual
  • Production
  • Virtual Camera
  • Virtual Camera and Physical Camera Synchronization
  • User Friendly Mean Cat FX Virtual Production Plugin Software for Unity and Unreal
  • Extensive Storyboarding Tools
  • Camera Motion-Track Recorder
  • Live Motion Capture Support for Xsens
  • Drag and Drop Lidar Support to Use Real Locations as Virtual Locations
  • One-Click Storyboard Load-Library of Scenes with All Related Save Settings
  • Unreal Virtual Production Configuration Installed
  • Unity Virtual Production Configuration Installed


Hardware & Accessory Package

  • Mean Cat FX Camera Tracker (Markerless)
  • Intel I7 8-Core Coffee Lake
  • 8GB GeForce RTX 2080
  • 64 GB DDR4 Memory
  • 1TB SSD System Drive
  • 4TB SSD Storage 
  • 12G SDI 4K Capture & Playback
  • 2 SDI Out 
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Shogun – Atmos Recorder
  • All related cables needed to Plug-and-Play up to 20’
  • 6”x16”x14” Storage Drawer 
  • 8 Outlet Power Supply (Standard US)
  • Cable Wrap



Every Mean Cat FX Studio Station comes with 1 year of online support and software updates.

Additional Information

Specs & Stuff

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 15 × 34 in