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Invaluable Productivity Leap

Real Time Environment & Action Combined


Virtual Camera & Live Graphics

Save valuable resources in pre-production with the power of real-time render engines. Rapidly construct your visual ideas immersively. Experiment with different  lensing options, lighting setups, camera placement and movement before placing a foot on set. Virtual pre-production gives filmmakers greater creative control to realize their visions. Use our system’s LIDAR support to shoot within 3D scans of real locations. And, build quality printable storyboards, quickly and easily with the pressing of a single button.


Lens Calibration & Compositing

Pairing the virtual camera with any industry standard physical camera and lens configuration is simple and easy. After a two minute setup, per lens and camera body, actors and set extensions can then be composited into virtual environments and life-like production can begin, virtually. Virtual production empowers filmmakers to make stronger choices on set, visualizing their films live with CG backgrounds and set-extensions in real time. Mean Cat FX Studio™ lets you composite real actors into CG backgrounds live on-set and even capture them in ProRes or other codecs. Find confidence that your chroma key matches lighting setups. Ensure that your actors’ sight-lines are correct. Take the guesswork out of complicated VFX shots. Know what your shot will look like before post production.


Camera Motion Tracking

Easily communicate complicated VFX shots to your entire team so that Post Production has visual reference and a lead on creating a final cut. Use the recorded motion-tracking data linked to the production camera as a valuable reference for your VFX team, making their later work of adding new animations and effects that track automatically, faster and easier. Save tremendous time and money in Post. Easily use and organize metadata-rich storyboards as references for lighting setups, camera and lens choices, and exceptional continuity checks. Effortlessly share them with your entire team, digitally or in print.

MCFX Camera Tracker™

Proprietary Blend of Camera Tracking

The MCFX Camera Tracker™ allows you to quickly create a virtual production anywhere. The MCFX groundbreaking markerless positional tracking does not require expensive dedicated stages, enabling you to work freely, anywhere, without the additional costs. Choose to work more naturally.

MeanCat Calibration Engine™

Plug-and-Play Camera Body and

Lens Calibration Engine

The plug-and-play, MC FX Studio™ is inclusive to all industry standard cameras and lenses. The powerful MeanCat Calibration Engine™ makes it simple to calibrate any lens and camera body combination. Accurate real-world lens simulations allow you to work with real cameras and lenses in a virtual space. Merge the real with the imaginary.

MeanCat Virtual

Camera™ Toolkit

VCAM – Drone Style Flying Camera Controls for CG Environments

With versatility being key in creative industries, MC FX Studio™ is designed and pre-configured for both Unity 3d and Unreal Engine. Take advantage of the strengths within both software choices. Making the world your stage, literally anywhere!

Mean Cat FX Studio™ 4K is an all-in-one 4k realtime filmmaking and broadcast production package. This system comes stocked with a virtual camera, real-time compositing tools, pre production and storyboarding tools, post production benefits, precise lens calibrations and frame synchronization, all with the freedom and portability of marker-less positional-tracking.

Mean Cat FX Studio™ 8K is a professional 8k real-time capture. This all-in-one virtual production package with the BlackMagic Design’s Ultimatte chroma key is a virtual camera and real-time compositing dream. It has precise lens calibration and synchronization. The Mean Cat FX Studio™ 8K has everything needed  for high level real-time filmmaking and/or broadcasting with the freedom and portability of marker-less positional-tracking.

Mean Cat Camera Tracker™ is an all-in-one plug-and-play virtual camera (VCAM) package with sensor, controllers, record monitor, software, and cables to get going immediately, all with the freedom and portability of markerless positional-tracking in 3D animated environments. The Mean Cat Camera Tracker™ is preconfigured for both Unity and Unreal.